College football picks is to be getting very much as popular as the professional football nowadays. In some specific areas it is more popular than the NFL football. It is also known as the American football. The basic framework of it is as the same between the American College Football and Pro Football, and the rules of both these generally mirrored each other. In it each league has the same rules for the way in which the teams get the accumulate points, and the number of players on the field, basic penalties during the game session, and the overall game play of these two. However, there were some types of subtle differences between these two that set them apart and allow fans to experience a unique style from each other always. Which were as follows-?

1.      Clock Management- The regulation time of this game is as same as for the College and Pro Football, as well as each game is separated into two halves consisting of two quarters per half on each side. One major difference in them is that there is no "Two-minute warning" in the College Football game.

2.      Overtime- The overtime rules were also very much different between the two leagues. In Pro Football, if both teams were tied at the end of the given regulation time to them than a 15 minute overtime is played and the first team to score will win the match but in the College Football, overtime is played in more unique and arguably exciting fashion.



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